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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

CMS’ foremost specialty is to plan the next three to five years for your practice. This rigorous exercise will help you understand where your business position is in the maturity cycle. It will also give you a deeper understanding on your current and future business opportunities in your market, your team and even yourself. Aside from the opportunities, you will get a comprehensive overview of the changes in the industry and potential threats that might derail your current strategies. Understanding what is important to you will assist our team build a solid plan to meet your objectives and support you in implementing this plan.

Often business owners run into uncharted territory of buying or selling their practice. It is a complex process. CMS can guide you through the countless questions and transactions.


As a Seller you want to be sure of the “market value” of your practice today and its future potential. You will want to know if it’s the right time to sell and what impact will it have on your team and you personally. What are the barriers to sell or maybe lease? What else should you consider, what alternatives do you have? CMS can give you the most informed analysis to give you the tools to make the best decision for you and your clinic.


As a Buyer you have similar questions. How much are you prepared to spend? What is the right value of the business? Is it a good fit for you? How well will the new practice integrate you’re your existing business?  What are the pitfalls, the downside of the transaction and will it stretch your resources? Do you have capacity and capability to integrate? CMS can evaluate the purchase and provide you with a report that you can understand and make the best decision for you and your clinic.

Our Team

Our team will help you navigate through this complex process. We can help you make the right decisions at the right time. If you are looking to purchase a practice, we can bring the right sellers to the table and advise you on the right value for your business.  We will also assist you in integrating the new business into your existing practice. When you are ready to retire or move on we can assist you to start implementing a succession plan. Our team can advise you on how to establish a fair market value for your business. CMS offers strategies to manage debt. CMS can seek and pursue potential buyers for your practice. You worked hard for your business, you deserve a glorious retirement.

Our Core Competencies

Business Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Plans

Growth Strategies and Roadmaps

M&A Strategy & Negotiations

Business Consolidation and Sale



Would you like to know how our business and clinic consulting services can help you?  Why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation today!

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