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Analytics or Business Intelligence

Analytics or Business Intelligence

It is imperative for every business owner to have real-time monitoring of the health of their business. Strategic and operational decisions to improve performance and profitability is achieved by reviewing the accurate data. Key Performance Indicators will help you to better understand performance within your business. CMS will set up the necessary business performance dashboards, help identify the key performance indicators and benchmark the business against industry so that the clinic owner may effectively manage the business.

Our BI dashboard lets you analyze your business easily and precisely. This will provide you with the satisfaction that your business is running smoothly, efficiently and profitably now and for the future. Wherever possible, our proprietary system will capture the key data automatically, or your staff can key-in the data easily. You can see your business health at a glance.

Tracking individual and team performance is a daunting and aligning individual goals to the overall company’s objective is a mammoth task. Our enhanced PED system enables management- employee collaboration, time-saving team communications, individual and organization performance tracking and most importantly promotes collaborative and positive organization culture.

Our Core Compencies

Defining KPI For Your Business or Clinic

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Performance Review

Industry Benchmarking

PED System

Human Resource Analytics



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