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Improve Business Efficiency

Improve Business Efficiency

Your business needs the right strategy in place in order to truly achieve financial soundness.  CMS will help you understand what’s possible in your business today and tomorrow. As well, CMS will help you to understand what peers in similar markets are able to achieve. We’ll create real benchmarks to measure your success and plot a clear, actionable plan to achieve!

CMS’s Expertise

Gain Operational Efficiency

Our team will review your client facing processes from your client’s lens and your internal processes from a point of view of experienced consultants. We will recommend areas that could be streamlined to gain operational efficiencies. At the end of the project, a detailed evaluation report will provide you with the recommendations, action steps and support to meet your objectives.

Improve Sales Efficiency

Increase your profitability by harnessing the power of our proprietary Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and decades of training experience. Our platform allows you to make informed marketing decisions and increases your ROMI and also dramatically improve your leads to appointment conversion ratio. Personalized staff training will help keep your calendar balanced and full.

Be Financially Sound

Business owners often overlook the importance of real time accounting. Readily available financial information can not only assist in making sound decisions, but it is key to manage cash flow for sustainability and growth. Our full-service bookkeeping program securely inputs, manages, and maintains your financial data. Through our safe and secure system, your monthly bills, deposits, and statements are entered directly into your QuickBooks account. This means consistent and accurate information at your fingertips in real time — without manual data entry on your behalf. More importantly, our advisors will help you will interpreting the financial data and show you the path to financial soundness.

Our Core Competencies

Operations Consulting

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)

Leads Nurturing

Email Campaigns

Afterhours Appointment Support Via Chat and Voice

Inbound Call Monitoring

Email Campaigns

Customer Service Training

Mystery Shopping

Customer Service Analysis

Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accurate Financial Reports

Improved Data Entry and Financial Reporting Timelines

Operations Consulting (Client Facing)



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